Partner presentation:

For over 30 years, Arend’s core competencies have included the manufacturer-independent implementation of control systems, the integration of plant components and the commissioning of production plants. In 2016, Arend began developing its first own product, the industrial data collector ARENDAR, which will be launched on the market in 2019. The ARENDAR differs from other industrial data collectors in its high degree of security features (Security by Design) and is used for generic collection, edge computing, visualisation and transmission of production data. This makes it a fundamental building block for the implementation of industry 4.0 strategies and methods.

Role in project:

In the project AKKORD, Arend is involved in data acquisition, pre-processing and networking and can thus ensure the integrity of the data and the protection of the production-related information of the individual users and protect the production machines against malware and against the use as botnet. Furthermore, Arend is involved in the development of the requirements for a platform solution suitable for SMEs and contributes to the integration of partial solutions.

Contact person:

Dr.-Ing. Tina Hardt