Partner presentation:

The research focus of the didactics in Technology of Prof. Dr. Felix Walker lies in the technology-based recording and promotion of professional competencies. As part of the BMBF-ASCOT study, a competence structure and level model was empirically tested in the field of initial vocational training in addition to the development of computer-based instruments for recording the ability to diagnose errors. The use and effect of digital media in engineering studies is investigated in the BMBF project FUNDAMENT. The recording of professional competence, as well as the effect of adaptive AR-based feedback on the level of students, SMEs (from management to worker level) and vocational schools (teachers and pupils) is carried out in the BMBF sub-project EELBA and in the BMWI project EELBI 4.0 in the area of industry 4.0. The effect of different types of informative-tutorial feedback in self-regulated situational learning processes on technicians is investigated in the project DEFINE and TechKom. The video-based recording of action- and reflection-related professional competencies of prospective vocational school teachers will be carried out within the ViKoBel MT project.

Role in project:

Accordingly, the chair brings experience and expertise in the field of…

  • technology-based recording and development of vocational competences in industrial subject areas 4.0
  • didactic research on industry 4.0 (which has been incorporated into recommendations of the German Academy of Engineering Sciences, among others)

…into the project.

The central objective of the FdT within the framework of AKKORD is…

  • Identification,
  • Recording and
  • promotion

…of necessary professional skills in the field of data analysis and interaction in value creation networks.

Contact person:

Prof. Dr. Felix Walker