Brief description:
The fourth Use Case deals with an industrial potential and data analysis in production. The focus is divided into three main groups, data collection and data analysis, preparation of the data obtained and potential analysis.
For this purpose, individual production processes are recorded and documented in event logs. Due to the high variance of the components to be produced, the data to be collected should be defined in detail.
Modern machines already have digital interfaces for connection to networks. Here it must be determined how process data acquisition can be carried out. Furthermore, it must be defined which data is to be recorded (tool life, tool maintenance intervals, tool equipment, machining time, etc.)
Finally, competence development needs can be estimated and investments can be made at the appropriate points.
Expected results:
  • Improvement of the clarity of the process landscape
  • Potential IoT applications (customer portals, order status)
  • Optimization of order processing (planning of design, mechanical production, assembly and running-in tests)
Involved consortium partners: