Partner presentation:
PDTec has been active in the field of product data and partner integration since its foundation in 1998. The focus of its activities is on the harmonization and optimization of technical process chains in the product life cycle, product data and lifecycle management (PLM), system integration and interoperability as well as supplier and partner integration. Interfaces to legacy systems (established, historically grown applications) and other data storage systems play an important role. Based on its ice.NET platform, PDTec has created mechanisms that harmonize with current industry standards and enable low-cost data exchange.
Role in project:
PDTec’s many years of expertise lie particularly in the areas of data and information management, data interfaces and data networking. These competencies have been verified, validated, expanded and deepened in numerous customer projects and product solutions. PDTec’s core task in the joint project is the development of a data warehouse backbone, which extracts data from different data sources in a multi-stage process, performs a normalization (transformation) and in turn makes it available to data consumers in a suitable manner.
Contact person:

Dr. Alex Ehrler

Dr. Hardy Krappe