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The Institute for Production Systems (IPS) was founded as a scientific institution of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the Technical University of Dortmund and is headed by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jochen Deuse. Scientists from the disciplines of mechanical engineering, industrial engineering, logistics, computer science and mathematics work at the institute.

The institute’s work focuses on the research and design of technical and socio-technical work systems. The research areas Work System Design, Production System Dynamics, Digital Manufacturing and Smart Quality are derived from this. In addition, the IPS has comprehensive expertise in the areas of data analysis, data management and competence development. Data collection, networking and analysis are used for data-driven problem solving within the four research areas of the institute. Here, experience has already been gained in numerous industrial and research projects. The transfer of competence in industrial data analysis is an essential part of the teaching activities of the IPS. Experience in the development of competences of industrial employees has also been gained through industrial and research projects.

Role in project:

The research goal of the Institute for Production Systems of the TU Dortmund within the project AKKORD is the conception of the reference construction kit and the associated structure for networked information provision and dynamic collaboration through industrial data analysis. Partial goals of the IPS are the development of methods and tools for comprehensive, application-oriented data analysis in value creation networks as well as the development of implementation systems for the digital design of business processes through industrial data analysis. The creation of accompanying integration, training and consulting concepts as well as the development of competencies for data analysis is a further goal of the IPS.

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