Partner presentation:
As an open and extensible data science platform, RapidMiner drives the spread of artificial intelligence in business. The RapidMiner Studio software supports analysis teams in all phases of a data science project, from data pre-processing and the application of machine learning methods to the implementation of predictive models during operation. More than 500,000 analysts worldwide use RapidMiner products to increase sales, reduce costs and minimize risks.
RapidMiner’s research department participates in national and European-wide projects to research and develop innovative solutions for development and niche markets. As a result, industry-specific solutions have already been developed in areas such as chemicals, steel, media, automotive and other manufacturing industries. In addition, domain-independent, reusable tools for deep learning, time series analysis, data enrichment and information extraction could be developed within the scope of research projects. RapidMiner always uses the experience gained from research projects to further develop its own software products and thus make them accessible to users.
Role in project:

Due to many years of experience in the field of machine learning and data analysis, especially in the context of industrial applications, RapidMiner is the ideal partner to advance the project AKKORD as consortium leader. In addition, the development of standardized and customizable building blocks for data analysis and analysis dashboards is a major goal of RapidMiner. Thus RapidMiner contributes to make the research results of the project AKKORD accessible to the users of the platform.

Contact person:

Ralf Klinkenberg