Brief description:

This use case deals with the collection of data from production processes and intelligent components using examples from tool making and light-weight production of the partners Brabant & Lehnert and ERCO. The industrial edge gateway ARENDAR is used for data acquisition and pre-processing and is further developed by adapting interfaces as required. The collected machine data is then provided either by the ARENDAR itself or by the CONTACT Elements software. First visualizations are conceivable here. The compilation and normalization of all collected data is done in PDTec’s ice.NET platform. Correspondingly prepared data can then be further processed for the purpose of data analysis. Together with the analysis platform RapidMiner, data connection options are developed which allow predictive analyses. The integration is intended to support the creation of analysis processes which use real-time data as well as historical data.

Expected results:
  • Consolidation of the acquisition and management concepts of machine data from the use cases
  • Connection of the data collection and management concepts to visualization and evaluation tools
  • Development of a holistic retrofitting approach from the subsequent installation of an edge device such as the ARENDAR, the setup of data provision and visualization using CONTACT Elements and ice.NET to the integration of predictive analysis results using RapidMiner