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Within the scope of AKKORD, an integrated, data-driven reference building block for industrial data analysis is being developed and implemented as a collaborative service platform. Here, solution components such as software modules, recommendations for action or consulting services for collaboration and business models, competence development and assurance as well as analysis and networking of data are developed, tested and validated. Publicity-based forms of project results and prototypical implementation of application scenarios ensure the dissemination, applicability and later exploitation of the results.

Scientific and technical work goals

In order to achieve the objective of the research project AKKORD, the following scientific and technical objectives are pursued.

  • New collaboration opportunities and business models

  • Competence development and assurance in value creation networks

  • Integrated and networked analysis of industrial data

  • Creation of a comprehensive and networked database

  • Integrated, modular reference kit

Use Cases

Industrial Engineering

Quality Management

Integrated Data Analysis

Analysis of Potential

Competence Development

Data Acquisition

Buisness Model  Development

Implementation and Rollout-Strategies

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The overall objective of the AKKORD project is the integrated application of industrial data analysis for competence-oriented collaborations in dynamic value-added networks.

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