Partner presentation:

NEOCOSMO, Saarbrücken, offers consulting services and products in the field of digital communication and digital learning for companies and universities. The software company was founded in 2014, currently employs more than 20 people and serves approximately 50 customers. The main product of NEOCOSMO is the cloud based communication and knowledge platform PIIPE. This platform offers personalized access to news, information and knowledge in a user-friendly interface. The platform can, for example, be realised in the form of a learning platform, an intranet or an online magazine – on the web, but also as an app.

Role in project:
Within the AKKORD project, NEOCOSMO plays a major role in fulfilling the partial goals of developing value-creating collaborations and developing action competences and recommendations. The core work of NEOCOSMO is the development of a digital solution for knowledge transfer, which can be used at any time by employees, especially in SMEs, to build competence. Thus, on the one hand, competencies are to be built up in a targeted and structured manner and, on the other hand, knowledge is to be made available “on demand”.
Contact person:

Viviane Hähne